Main title from Suddenly, Last Summer (1959) (4)

Suddenly, Last Summer

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| Film | | UK | B&W | Drama, Mystery, Thriller | 1h 54min |
Stars: Elizabeth Taylor, Katharine Hepburn, Montgomery Clift

A homosexual poet’s young cousin goes mad when she see him raped and murdered by beach boys

The One They’re All Talking About!

Reviews (1)

Arty flashback talk-piece from a one-act play, padded out with much sub-poetic mumbo jumbo; it takes too long to get to the revelation, which is ambiguously presented anyway. (Halliwell’s)

Cast (12)

British actress, Elizabeth Taylor
Catherine Holly
Katharine Hepburn
Mrs Venable
Montgomery Clift
Dr Cukrowicz
Albert Dekker
Dr Hockstader
Mercedes McCambridge
Mrs Holly
Gary Raymond
George Holly
Mavis Villiers
Miss Foxhill
Patricia Marmont
Nurse Benson
Joan Young
Sister Felicity
Maria Britneva
Sheila Robins
Dr Hockstader’s Secretary
David Cameron
Young Blonde Interne
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Joseph L Mankiewicz


Sam Spiegel



Production companies

Columbia Pictures
Horizon Pictures (II)
Academy Pictures Corporation

Pictures (2)

Main title from Suddenly, Last Summer (1959) (4)
Photograph from Suddenly, Last Summer (1959) featuring Montgomery Clift (as Dr Cukrowicz) and Elizabeth Taylor (as Catherine Holly)

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