Sunday Bloody Sunday


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| Film | United Kingdom | Colour | 1h 50min |
| Stars: Peter Finch, Glenda Jackson, Murray Head | Director: John Schlesinger

A young designer shares his sexual favours equally between two loves of different sexes, a Jewish doctor and a lady executive


Photograph of English-born Australian actor, Peter Finch (1)
Daniel Hirsh
Stevie (1978) photograph (1) | Glenda Jackson
Glenda Jackson
Alex Greville
Murray Head
Bob Elkin
Peggy Ashcroft
Mrs Greville
Tony Britton
Mr Harding
Maurice Denham, English actor, photograph (1)
Maurice Denham
Mr Greville
Bessie Love
Answering Service Lady
Vivian Pickles
Alva Hodson
Frank Windsor
Bill Hodson
Thomas Baptiste
Prof Johns
Richard Pearson
June Brown
Woman Patient
Hannah Norbert
Daniel’s Mother
Harold Goldblatt
Daniel’s Father
Marie Burke
Aunt Astrid
Caroline Blakiston
Rowing Wife
Peter Halliday
Rowing Husband
Douglas Lambert
Man at Party
Death on the Nile (1978) screenshot (4) | Jon Finch
Jon Finch
Kimi Tallmadge
Hodson Child
Russell Lewis
Hodson Child
Emma Schlesinger
Hodson Child
Carl Ferber
Hodson Child
Patrick Thornberry
Hodson Child
Robert Rietty
Daniel’s Brother
Liane Aukin
Daniel’s Sister-in-Law
Robin Presky
Daniel’s Nephew
Edward Evans
Husband at Hospital
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Stylishly made character study with melodramatic leanings, rather self-conscious about its risky subject, but, scene by scene, both adult and absorbing, with an overpowering mass of sociological detail about the way we live. (Halliwell’s)


Photograph from Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971) (1) featuring Glenda Jackson, Murray Head


John Schlesinger
Joseph Janni
Penelope Gilliatt
Writer (screenplay)
Ken Levison


United Artists
Distribution company