Main title from the 1974 ‘Nemesis’ episode of The World at War (1973-1974) (1)

The World at War (1973–74)



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| TV Episode | United Kingdom | B&W | Documentary, History, War | 51min
| Stars: Laurence Olivier, Vladimir Antonov, Eberhard Bethge
| E21 | 3rd April, 1974

The final invasion of Germany by both the Western and Eastern allies, the bombing of Dresden and the events in the Führerbunker during the fall of Berlin

The World at War (1973-74) opening credits
The World at War (1973–74)
1970s World War II documentary series, narrated by Laurence Olivier.

Episode cast

Photo of Laurence Oliver narrating The World at War (1973-4). The actor is in rolled-up shirt sleeves while reading the script in front of a microphone
Himself – Narrator
Vladimir Antonov
Himself – Red Army
Eberhard Bethge
Himself – Prisoner of the Gestapo
Hitler’s Dog (archive footage)
C JR Duffin
Himself – 6th Guards Armoured Bdge
Willy Feldheim
Ursula Grey
Herself – Dresden Civilian
Traudl Junge
Herself – Hitler’s Secretary
Heinz Linge
Himself – Hitler’s Valet
Friedrich Luft
Himself – Berliner
Anna Nikulina
Herself – Red Army
Felix Putterman
Himself – US Artilleryman
Yelena Reveshkaya
Herself – Red Army Interpreter
Christa Ronke
Herself – Berliner
John Seney
Himself – US Paratrooper
Albert Speer
Himself – Hitler’s Armaments Minister
Carola Stern
Herself – German Citizen
Eva Braun
Herself – Hitler’s Wife (archive footage)
Adolf Hitler
Himself – Führer (archive footage)
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Main title from the 1974 ‘Nemesis’ episode of The World at War (1973-1974) (2). Germany. February-May 1945
Main title from the 1974 ‘Nemesis’ episode of The World at War (1973-1974) (1)


Martin Smith
Director / Producer
Stuart Hood


Thames Television
Production company