Main title from the 1974 ‘Whirlwind’ episode of The World at War (1973-74) (1)

The World at War (1973–74)



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| TV Episode | United Kingdom | B&W | Documentary, History, War | 52min
| Stars: Laurence Olivier, Hans Brunswig, John Corcoran
| E12 | 23rd January, 1974

The development of British and American strategic bombing in both success and setback

The World at War (1973-74) opening credits
The World at War (1973–74)
1970s World War II documentary series, narrated by Laurence Olivier.

Episode cast

Photo of Laurence Oliver narrating The World at War (1973-4). The actor is in rolled-up shirt sleeves while reading the script in front of a microphone
Himself – Narrator
Hans Brunswig
Himself – Hamburg Fire Officer
John Corcoran
Himself – Pilot
Ira C Eaker
Himself – Commanding General US Eighth Air Force
Adolf Galland
Himself – Director General of Fighters
Arthur Harris
Himself – Marshal of the RAF 1972
Wilhelm Herget
Himself – Night Fighter Pilot
Leon Johnson
Himself – Group Commander
Curtis LeMay
Himself – Divisional Commander
Hamish Mahaddie
Himself – RAF Bomber Command Pathfinder
William Reid
John Rogan
Himself – Navigator / Bombardier
Werner Schroer
Himself – Day Fighter Leader
Albert Speer
Himself – Minister of Armaments
James Stewart
Himself – Squadron Commander
Lore Thran
Himself – Cologne Hospital Nurse
Ben Witter
Himself – Hamburg Journalist
Winston Churchill
Himself – PM of the UK (archive footage)
Joseph Goebbels
Himself – Propaganda Minister (archive footage)
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Main title from the 1974 ‘Whirlwind’ episode of The World at War (1973-74) (2). Bombing Germany September 1939 – April 1944
Main title from the 1974 ‘Whirlwind’ episode of The World at War (1973-74) (1)


Ted Childs
Director / Producer
Charles Douglas-Home


Thames Television
Production company