Main title from Yellow Canary (1943)

Yellow Canary


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | 1h 35min |
| Stars: Anna Neagle, Richard Greene, Nova Pilbeam | Director: Herbert Wilcox

A socialite suspected of being a Nazi sympathiser is really a British spy


Anna Neagle, British actress, in a publicity photo wears a pearl necklace and a black dress
Sally Maitland
Richard Greene
Lieutenant Commander Jim Garrick
Nova Pilbeam
Betty Maitland
Albert Lieven
Capt Jan Orlock
Lucie Mannheim
Madame Orlock
George Thorpe
Colonel Charles Hargraves
Marjorie Fielding
Lady Maitland
Franklin Dyall
Captain Foster
British comedy actress, Margaret Rutherford as Nurse Carey in Mad About Men (1954)
Mrs Towcester
Claude Bailey
Major Fothergill
Sybille Binder
Madame Orlock’s Attendant
Valentine Dyall
German Commander
Cyril Fletcher
And Introducing Entertainer
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Main title from Yellow Canary (1943)


Herbert Wilcox
P M Bower
Photo of Dry Rot (1956) (1) featuring Miles Malleson
Writer (screen play)


Herbert Wilcox Productions
Production company
RKO Radio British Productions
Production company