Photograph of British actor, Claude Hulbert, from the 1935 film The Butter and Egg Man (1)

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Born in London, Hulbert studied at Cambridge University and began in 1920 in a University Footlights revue that transferred to the London stage. Married actress Enid Trevor.

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Their Night Out (1933)
Jimmy Oliphant
The Song You Gave Me (1933)
Tony Brandt
Heads We Go (1933)
Reggie Fish Face Coke
A Cup of Kindness (1934)
Stanley Tutt
Butter and Egg Man (1935)
Man of the Moment (1935)
Bulldog Jack (1935)
Algy Longworth
Take a Chance (1937)
Alastair Pallivant
Sailors Three (1940)
The Ghost of St. Michael’s (1941)
Hilary Tisdaile
My Learned Friend (1943)
Claude Babbington
The Dummy Talks (1943)
Victor Harbord
London Town (1946)
Belgrave – Charlie’s Dresser
The Ghosts of Berkeley Square (1947)
Cardboard Cavalier (1949)
Sylvester Clutterbuck
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