London Town

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| Film | | United Kingdom | Colour | Comedy, Musical | 2h 6min |
Stars: Sid Field, Greta Gynt, Petula Clark | Director: Wesley Ruggles

An understudy finally achieves stardom thanks to his daughter’s schemes

Comedian Jerry Sanford travels with his daughter, Peggy, to London from Wigan, full of dreams for his future.

On arrival, Jerry is dismayed to be relegated to the role of understudy to a performer who has not missed a show in years.

In despair that her father will never get his big break, Peggy decides to take matters into her own hands...

Cast (25)

British music hall comedian, Sid Field
Jerry Sanford
Greta Gynt (as Elsie Silver) in a screenshot from Mr. Emmanuel (1944) (4)
Mrs Eve Barry
Petula Clark
Peggy Sanford
British actress Kay Kendall poses for a 1950s glamour photo
Sonnie Hale
Charlie de Haven
Claude Hulbert
Belgrave – Charlie’s Dresser
Mary Clare
Mrs Gates
Tessie O’Shea
Jerry Desmonde
Beryl Davis
Lucas Hoving
Scotty McHarg
Marion Saunders
Obligato in ‘Street Singer’
W G Fay
Reginald Purdell
Stage Manager
Alfie Dean
Charles Paton
Novelty Shopkeeper
Jack Parnell
Pamela Carroll
Street Singer
Enid Smeeden
The ‘London Town’ Dozen and One Girl
Sheila Huntington
The ‘London Town’ Dozen and One Girl
Pauline Tyler
The ‘London Town’ Dozen and One Girl
Mary Midwinter
The ‘London Town’ Dozen and One Girl
Louise Newton
The ‘London Town’ Dozen and One Girl
Jackie Watson
The ‘London Town’ Dozen and One Girl
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Wesley Ruggles



Production companies

Wesley Ruggles Productions
The Rank Organisation

Also known as

My Heart Goes Crazy (USA)

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Pressbook for London Town (1946) (1)
London Town DVD with Kay Kendall and Sid Field
French poster for London Town (1946) (1)
So Would I sheet music from London Town
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