Greta Gynt (as Elsie Silver) in a screenshot from Mr. Emmanuel (1944) (4)

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Born in Oslo, Greta Gynt settled in England in the mid-1930s, and was put under contract by J. Arthur Rank. Tiring of being cast as a femme fatale, she retired in the mid-1950s. Married four times.

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The Last Curtain (1937)
Julie Rendle
The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (1939)
Gwen Lee
Crook’s Tour (1940)
La Palermo
The Common Touch (1941)
Sylvia Meadows
It’s That Man Again (1943)
Stella Ferris
Tomorrow We Live (1943)
Marie Duchesne
Mr Emmanuel (1944)
Elsie Silver
London Town (1946)
Mrs Eve Barry
Take My Life (1947)
Philippa Shelley
Dear Murderer (1947)
Vivien Warren
Easy Money (1948)
The Calendar (1948)
Wenda Panniford
Mr Perrin and Mr Traill (1948)
Isobel Lester
Shadow of the Eagle (1950)
Countess Loradona Camponiello
Soldiers Three (1951)
I’m a Stranger (1952)
Three Steps in the Dark (1953)
Sophy Burgoyne
Forbidden Cargo (1954)
Mme Simonetta
Fortune Is a Woman (1957)
Vere Litchen
Bluebeard’s Ten Honeymoons (1960)
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