It’s That Man Again


Film | B&W
| Stars: Tommy Handley, Greta Gynt, Jack Train

The mayor of Foaming-at-the-Mouth puts on a show to save a bombed theatre

Cast (13)

Tommy Handley
Mayor Handley
Greta Gynt (as Elsie Silver) in a screenshot from Mr. Emmanuel (1944) (4)
Stella Ferris
Jack Train
Lefty / Funf
Sydney Keith
Sam Scram
Horace Percival
Alley-Oop / Cecil
Claude Bailey
C.B. Cato
Franklyn Bennett
Hilary Craven
Vera Frances
Dino Galvani
Signor Soso
British actress Jean Kent in a publicity shot for Madonna of the Seven Moons (1945)
Leonard Sharp
Dorothy Summers
Mrs Mopp
Clarence Wright
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It's That Man Again - 1943, John Fenton Murray (Writer), Walter Forde (Director)