Their Night Out


Film | United Kingdom | B&W | 1h 14min
| Stars: Claude Hulbert, Renee Houston, Gus McNaughton | Director: Harry Hughes

An evening of cocktails and frolicking lands a chap in hot water when he is suspected of masterminding a criminal gang!


Photograph of British actor, Claude Hulbert, from the 1935 film The Butter and Egg Man (1)
Jimmy Oliphant
A Girl Must Live (1939) opening credits (4) | Renee Houston
Renee Houston
Maggie Oliphant
Gus McNaughton
Fred Simpson
Binnie Barnes
Jimmy Godden
Archibald Bunting
Amy Veness
Gertrude Bunting
Judy Kelly
Betty Oliphant
Ben Welden
Hal Gordon
Sgt. Bert Simpson
Marie Ault
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British Comedies of the 1930s DVD Volume 4 from Network and The British Film.  Features Their Night Out and Doctor’s Orders


Harry Hughes
Director / Writer
George Arthurs
Writer (play)


British International Pictures (BIP)
Production company