Main title from The Big Blockade (1942)

The Big Blockade

Film | | United Kingdom | B&W | 1h 13min
Stars: Will Hay, Bernard Miles, John Stuart | Director: Charles Frend

A semi-documentary showing the importance of blockading Germany in winning the war

Cast (15)

British character comedian, Will Hay, wears a mortar board in his trademark schoolmaster role
Royal Navy: Skipper
Bernard Miles
Royal Navy: Mate
John Stuart
Royal Navy: Naval Officer
David Evans
Royal Air Force: David, an RAF Officer
Peter De Greef
Royal Air Force: R.A.F. Member
British actor John Mills wears a jacket and tie
Royal Air Force: Tom
Michael Rennie
Royal Air Force: George
Photo of British actor, Leslie Banks (1)
Leslie Banks
Civil Service: Taylor
Morland Graham
Civil Service
John Boxer
Cyril Chamberlain
Owen Reynolds
Quentin Reynolds
Press: American Journalist
British actor Michael Redgrave in a moustachioed publicity photograph
Leif Konow
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Charles Frend


(screen play)

Production company

Ealing Studios

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Main title from The Big Blockade (1942)
The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection DVD – Volume 2 from Network as part of the British Film collection. Features The Big Blockade, The Four Just Men, Brief Ecstasy, Midshipman Easy
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