Farewell Again


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | 1h 25min
| Stars: Leslie Banks, Flora Robson, Sebastian Shaw | Director: Tim Whelan

Soldiers returning from India have six hours’ shore leave to sort out their problems


Photo of British actor, Leslie Banks (1)
Col Harry Blair
British actress Flora Robson
Lucy Blair
Sebastian Shaw
Capt Gilbert Reed
Patricia Hilliard
Nurse Ann Harrison
Robert Cochran
Carlisle Smith
Anthony Bushell
Roddy Hammond
Rene Ray
Elsie Wainwright
Robert Newton
Jim Carter
Leonora Corbett
Lady Joan
J H Roberts
Dr Pearson
Eliot Makeham
Maj Swayle
Photograph of British actress, Martita Hunt (1). The actress wears pearls while smoking a cigarette
Adela Swayle
Edward Lexy
Sgt Brough
Maire O’Neill
Mrs Brough
Autographed photo of English actor, Wally Patch (1). The actor wears a bowler hat and open-necked shirt, while a cigarette droops from his mouth
Sgt Maj Billings
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Farewell Again DVD from Network and The British Film.  360 minutes to live!  Farewell Again with Flora Robson and Leslie Banks.  Directed by Tim Whelan


Tim Whelan
Clemence Dane
Ian Hay


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