Justice (1971–74)

A Nice Straightforward Treason


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| TV Episode | United Kingdom | Colour | Drama | 51min
| Stars: Margaret Lockwood, John Stone, Elizabeth Bell
| S1 E9 | 3rd December, 1971

Did Sandra Graham really fall in love with a spy? When the truth came out, she couldn’t believe it. Only Harriet and Dr Moody believed in her enough to help…

Justice (1971-74) screenshot (1)
Justice (1971–74)
Lady barrister Harriet Peterson tackles cases in London.

Episode cast

Margaret Lockwood promotional headshot for Jassy, c. 1947, autographed ‘Sincerely’ by the actress
Harriet Peterson
Justice (1971-74) photograph (1) | John Stone, Margaret Lockwood
John Stone
Dr Ian Moody
Elizabeth Bell
Sandra Graham
The Murder at the Vicarage (1986) screenshot (1) | Paul Eddington
Paul Eddington
Colin Rix
Eric Brigshaw
Milos Kirek
James Walsh
Kenneth Watson
Det Inspector Charlton
Peter Armitage
Det Constable Boyce
Paul Antrim
Hilary Crane
WPC Johnson
Clifford Rose
Prison Doctor
Geoffrey Lumsden
Michael Godfrey
Patrick Liddell QC
Lewis Wilson
Billy Milton
Clerk of the Court
Anthony Nash
Wilfred Boyle
Foreman of the Jury
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Justice – The Complete Series – DVD from Network.  Photo montage cover featuring Margaret Lockwood, Anthony Valentine and John Stone; the jury look on in the background
Menu from disc one of Justice season 1 DVD.  Features The Most Important Thing of All and By Order of the Magistrates
Menu from disc one of Justice season 1 DVD.  Features Justice is a Woman
Interior packaging of Justice season 1 DVD
Back cover of Justice season 1 DVD
Margaret Lockwood in the Network DVD release of Justice series one


James Ormerod
Christopher Hodson
James Mitchell


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