Justice (1971–74)

You Didn’t Have to Pay for Justice


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| TV Episode | United Kingdom | Colour | Drama | 50min
| Stars: Margaret Lockwood, Anthony Valentine, Frances White
| S1 E11 | 17th December, 1971

A simple case of speeding, so Harriet thought, with no complications… until she found that she had to be in two courts at once, and fight for two men’s livelihoods

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Justice (1971–74)
Lady barrister Harriet Peterson tackles cases in London.

Episode cast

Margaret Lockwood promotional headshot for Jassy, c. 1947, autographed ‘Sincerely’ by the actress
Harriet Peterson
James Eliot (Anthony Valentine) is challenged by the clerk in Justice
Anthony Valentine
Robert Miller
Frances White
Audrey Miller
Graham John
Mr Stopes
Amber Kammer
Patsy Turner
James Ottaway
County Court Judge
Alan Gerrard
Mr Field
Allan Surtees
Veronica Lang
Hugh Morton
Chairman of Magistrates
Hugh Morton
Chairman of Magistrates
Michael Cooper
Clerk of the Magistrates
Frank Sieman
Chairman of Quarter Sessions
Frederick Hall
Inspector Graham
Jon Laurimore
Charles Elwood
Ray Armstrong
Sergeant Barker
Richardson Morgan
PC Dean
Julian Battersby
PC Snell
Richard McNeff
Warrant Officer
Jack Escott
Court Usher
Joseph Holroyd
Court Usher
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Justice – The Complete Series – DVD from Network.  Photo montage cover featuring Margaret Lockwood, Anthony Valentine and John Stone; the jury look on in the background
Menu from disc one of Justice season 1 DVD.  Features The Most Important Thing of All and By Order of the Magistrates
Menu from disc one of Justice season 1 DVD.  Features Justice is a Woman
Interior packaging of Justice season 1 DVD
Back cover of Justice season 1 DVD
Margaret Lockwood in the Network DVD release of Justice series one


James Ormerod
Christopher Hodson
James Mitchell


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