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My Brother Jonathan


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | Biography, Drama, Romance, War | 1h 48min |
| Stars: Michael Denison, Dulcie Gray, Ronald Howard | Director: Harold French
Saturday at 4.55pm on Talking Pictures TV

The life of a small-town doctor who wanted to be a great surgeon


Michael Denison (as Henry Brodrick) in a photograph from Hungry Hill (1947) (14)
Jonathan Dakers
Signed photo of British actress, Dulcie Gray.  Picture reads ’Sincerely, Dulcie Gray’
Rachel Hammond
Ronald Howard
Harold Dakers
Stephen Murray
Dr Craig
Mary Clare
Mrs Dakers
Photograph of Scottish actor, Finlay Currie (1)
Dr Hammond
Beatrice Campbell
Edie Martyn
Arthur Young
Sir Joseph Higgins
James Robertson Justice
Eugene Dakers
James Hayter
Tom Morse
Pete Murray
Tony Dakers
Jessica Spencer
Stuart Lindsell
Mr Martyn
Avice Landone
Mrs Martyn
Wylie Watson
Hilda Bayley
Mrs Perry
Josephine Stuart
Fred Groves
Lisha Hodgkiss
Beatrice Varley
Mrs Hodgkiss
Felix Deebank
Alec Martyn
Eric Messiter
Surgeon Moore
Paul Farrell
Dr Lucas
Jack Melford
Dr Martock
David Ward
Dr Frampton
John Salew
Peter Hobbes
Dr Monaghan
Kathleen Boutall
Mrs Gaige
Ten Little Indians (1965) opening credits (13) | Wilfrid Hyde White
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Mr Gaige
George Woodbridge
Leslie Weston
Merle Tottenham
Alice Rudge
Grace Denbeigh-Russell
The Matron
Howard Douglas
Hilary Pritchard
Derek Farge
Edward Willis
Eunice Gayson
Young Girl
Nora Gordon
Mrs Stevens
Cameron Hall
Joseph the Porter
Kathleen Heath
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Main title from My Brother Jonathan (1948) (6)
Main title from My Brother Jonathan (1948) (5)
Main title from My Brother Jonathan (1948) (4). With Mary Clare, Finlay Currie
Main title from My Brother Jonathan (1948) (3)
Main title from My Brother Jonathan (1948) (2). Michael Denison, Dulcie Gray, Ronald Howard, Stephen Murray
Main title from My Brother Jonathan (1948) (1). Associated British Picture Corporation presents
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Harold French
Warwick Ward
Francis Brett Young
Writer (novel)
Adrian Alington
Writer (screenplay)
Leslie Landau
Writer (screenplay)


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Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC)
Production company
Pathé Pictures Ltd.
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