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TV Programme | | UK | Colour
Stars: Ralph Arliss, Paul Rosebury, Jane Bertish

In dystopian Britain, Professor Quatermass realises that alien intelligence lies behind mass youth disappearance

Episodes (4)

Season 1 (4 episodes)

  • 1) Ringstone Round (1979)
  • 2) Lovely Lightning (1979)
  • 3) What Lies Beneath (1979)
  • 4) An Endangered Species (1979)

Main Cast (5)

British actor John Mills wears a jacket and tie 4 episodes
Prof Bernard Quatermass
Simon MacCorkindale
4 episodes
Joe Kapp
Ralph Arliss
4 episodes
Paul Rosebury
4 episodes
Jane Bertish
4 episodes
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Series Director

Piers Haggard
4 episodes

Series Writer

Nigel Kneale
4 episodes

Production companies

Euston Films
Thames Television

Pictures (2)

Quatermass DVD from Network
Main title from Quatermass

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