Main title from the ‘Ringstone Round’ episode of Quatermass (1979) (1). Chapter one

Quatermass (1979)

Ringstone Round


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| TV Episode | United Kingdom | Colour | Drama, Thriller | 1h |
| Stars: John Mills, Simon MacCorkindale, Barbara Kellerman
| S1 | 24th October, 1979

Professor Quatermass comes out of retirement after years living in the Scottish Highlands, and returns to London to search for his missing granddaughter before battling sinister forces threatening Earth

Quatermass (1979) opening credits (7)
Quatermass (1979)
In dystopian Britain, Professor Quatermass realises that alien intelligence lies behind mass youth disappearance.

Episode cast

British actor John Mills wears a jacket and tie
Prof Bernard Quatermass
Simon MacCorkindale
Joe Kapp
The Sea Wolves (1980) screenshot (1) | Barbara Kellerman
Barbara Kellerman
Clare Kapp
Ralph Arliss
Paul Rosebury
Jane Bertish
Rebecca Saire
Hettie Carlson
Bruce Purchase
Tommy Roach
David Yip
Frank Chen
Brenda Fricker
Alison Thorpe
Tony Sibbald
Chuck Marshall
Neil Stacy
Toby Gough
Joy Harington
TV Producer
Barbara Keogh
Make-up Lady
James Leith
1st Pay Cop
Luke Hanson
Pay Police Capt
Charles Bolton
1st Mugger
Christopher Driscoll
2nd Mugger
Stewart Harwood
Taxi Driver
Rita Webb
Charm Seller
Trevor Lawrence
Catskin Man
Frederick Radley
Medicine Man
Sophie Kind
Sara, Kapp Child
Joanna Joseph
Debbie, Kapp Child
Claire Lewis
Planet People
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Main title from the ‘Ringstone Round’ episode of Quatermass (1979) (1). Chapter one
Main title from Quatermass (1979) (7). By Nigel Kneale
Main title from Quatermass (1979) (6)
Main title from Quatermass (1979) (5). Barbara Kellerman
Main title from Quatermass (1979) (4). Simon MacCorkindale
Main title from Quatermass (1979) (3). John Mills
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Ted Childs
Piers Haggard
Nigel Kneale


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Euston Films
Production company
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Thames Television
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