No Time for Tears

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| Film | | United Kingdom | Colour | Drama | 1h 26min
Stars: Anna Neagle, Anthony Quayle, Sylvia Syms | Director: Cyril Frankel

Problems of a children’s hospital

Cast (15)

Anna Neagle, British actress, in a publicity photo wears a pearl necklace and a black dress
Matron Eleanor Hammond
Anthony Quayle
Dr Graham Seagrave
Photograph featuring British actress, Sylvia Syms, wearing a white blouse. Signed by the actress
Nurse Margaret Collier
George Baker
Dr Nigel Barnes
Alan White
Dr Hugh Storey
Daphne Anderson
Dr Marian Cornish
Michael Hordern
The Surgeon
British actress Flora Robson
Sister Birch
Joan Hickson
Sister Duckworth
Sophie Stewart
Sister Willis
Patricia Marmont
Sister Davies
Rosalie Crutchley
Theatre Sister
Joan Sims
Sister O’Malley
Angela Baddeley
Mrs Harris
Heather Bennett
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Cyril Frankel


Production company

Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC)

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Anna Neagle (as Matron Eleanor Hammond) and Sylvia Syms (as Nurse Margaret Collier) in a lobby card from No Time for Tears (1957) (1)
No Time for Tears DVD from Network and the British Film
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