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Tuesday, 25th January

Something to Live For (1952)
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  • Tuesday at 3.25am on Talking Pictures TV
A married commercial artist member of Alcoholics Anonymous falls for a dipsomaniac actress but refuses to break up his marriage. Joan Fontaine, Ray Milland, Teresa Wright.

Murder on the Campus (1961)

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  • Tuesday at 6am on Talking Pictures TV
A reporter travels to Cambridge after his brother falls to his death from a window, and tries to prove he was murdered.

Once a Sinner (1950)
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  • Tuesday at 7.15am on Talking Pictures TV
A girl with a shady past finds her husband is being threatened by his ex-partner. Pat Kirkwood, Jack Watling, Joy Shelton.

Murder, She Wrote (1984–96)
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Sing a Song of Murder (1985, S2 E5)
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  • Tuesday at 9am on 5USA
Jessica rushes to London to help her cousin Emma, an actress who has been the target of several murder attempts and has resorted to faking her own death. Angela Lansbury, Sarah Douglas, Olivia Hussey.

Reap the Wild Wind (1942)
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  • Tuesday at 9.20am on GREAT! movies action
Seafaring salvage engineers fight over a Southern belle. Ray Milland, John Wayne, Paulette Goddard.

Tales of the Unexpected (1979–88)
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Operation Safecrack (1982, S5 E3)
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  • Tuesday at 9.30am on Sky Arts HD
A famous British safe-cracker is used by an advertising executive in an elaborate live television stunt. John Mills, David Healy, June Ritchie.

West of Zanzibar (1954)
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  • Logo of Talking Pictures TV
  • Tuesday at 10am on Talking Pictures TV
Native tribesmen move towards Mombasa and are drawn into ivory smuggling. Anthony Steel, Sheila Sim, Edric Connor.

In the Doghouse (1961)
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  • Logo of London Live
  • Tuesday at 1pm on London Live
Misadventures of a newly qualified vet. Leslie Phillips, Peggy Cummins, Hattie Jacques.

Ice Cold in Alex (1958)
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  • Logo of TCM Movies
  • Tuesday at 1.30pm on TCM Movies HD
  • Logo of TCM Movies Plus 1
  • Tuesday at 2.30pm on TCM Movies Plus 1
In 1942 Libya, the commander of a motor ambulance gets his vehicle and passengers to safety despite the hazards of minefields and a German spy. John Mills, Sylvia Syms, Anthony Quayle.

Desert Mice (1959)
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  • Tuesday at 1.45pm on Talking Pictures TV
Adventures of a concert party sent to entertain the troops in North Africa during World War II. Alfred Marks, Sidney James, Dora Bryan.

The First Rebel (1939)
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  • Logo of GREAT! movies action
  • Tuesday at 1.55pm on GREAT! movies action
A young frontiersman smashes liquor traffic with the Indians. Claire Trevor, John Wayne, George Sanders.

Richard E Grant’s Hotel Secrets (2012–14)
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VIP (2012, S1)
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  • Tuesday at 2.35pm on Sky Atlantic HD
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  • Tuesday at 3.35pm on Sky Atlantic Plus 1
The actor heads to the Harlequin Suite at the Dorchester in London, where Elizabeth Taylor once had a pink marbled bathroom installed. Richard E Grant, Sandra Bernhard, Amanda Lear.

The World at War (1973–74)
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Inside the Reich (1974, E16)
  • Logo of Yesterday
  • Tuesday at 5pm on Yesterday
German society and how it changes as its fortunes of war are reversed. Laurence Olivier, Hertha Beese, Christabel Bielenberg.