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Wednesday, 29th September

Nothing But the Night (1973)
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  • Wednesday at 2.10am on Talking Pictures TV
The trustees of an orphanage die off mysteriously, and it seems that the orphans themselves are responsible. Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Diana Dors.

Lovejoy (1986–94)
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The Lost Colony (1993, S5 E14)
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  • Wednesday at 2.20am on Drama
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  • Wednesday at 3.20am on Drama Plus 1
The antiques dealer’s beautiful visiting American cousin flees the UK with the loot from a raid on Wakering Hall. Ian McShane, Dudley Sutton, Caroline Langrishe.

The Floating Dutchman (1952)
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  • Wednesday at 10.30am on Talking Pictures TV
Two London dockers find a dead Dutchman floating in the Thames. Dermot Walsh, Sydney Tafler, Mary Germaine.

The League of Gentlemen (1960)
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  • Wednesday at 11am on Film4 HD
An ex-Army officer recruits high-class misfits with guilty secrets to help him in a bank robbery. Jack Hawkins, Nigel Patrick, Roger Livesey.

The Chiltern Hundreds (1949)
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  • Wednesday at 12.05pm on Talking Pictures TV
An aged earl is bewildered when his son fails to be elected to parliament as a socialist, but his butler gets in as a Tory. Cecil Parker, A E Matthews, David Tomlinson.

Doctor at Large (1957)
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  • Wednesday at 1pm on London Live
Simon Sparrow tries two country practices, but returns at last to St Swithin’s. Dirk Bogarde, Muriel Pavlow, Donald Sinden.

Young and Innocent (1937)
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  • Wednesday at 1.45pm on Talking Pictures TV
A girl goes on the run with her boyfriend when he is suspected of murder. Nova Pilbeam, Derrick De Marney, Percy Marmont.

Discovering Film
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  • Wednesday at 2pm on Sky Arts HD
Although nominated six times for the Academy Award for Best Actress without winning, Deborah Kerr will always be remembered as one of Hollywood’s truly great leading ladies. Deborah Kerr.

High Treason

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  • Wednesday at 3pm on London Live
Officers of MI5 and Special branch join forces to deal with a wave of sabotage attacks that have been sweeping the nation.